go, damn youPlaces worthy of visits:

Photography isn't normally my thing. However, on a rare occasion, I will find a photographer whose work blows me away. Simon Marsden does that. And a bit more, all while being extremely personable and *gasp* he answers his own email!!! (Okay, so I do get a little mushy when someone of fame emails me back) Most of his books are out of print/unavailable in the US, but you can find them occasionally on eBay, as well as on his website. Prints are sold on his website, but run around 600 pounds for a good sized one. Anyone looking for a gift for my birthday?

There are very few political orginisations I really belive in. Sinn Fein is one of them. The official SF page contains lots of history, news clips, and other resources. A very good site to start at if you're interested in learning a bit more about the orginisation.

This is a brilliant site I recently came across featuring details of the 1981 Hunger Strike. Not only does it feature biographies of those involved, but also the history of the strike, news archives, and memories of the strike. I highly suggest this site for anyone wanting to learn more about the strike.

The Rat Fan Club has been a constant source for me in selecting a proper vet for my girls, as well as giving general information, and having cute items available to purchase for my girls.

Okay, so there aren't many links. More will come, when I find ones worthy of having a link. For obvious reasons (mainly because everyone knows of them) I leave out sites such as CNN, the Weather Channel, various pr0n sites *snicker*, etc etc.