Small domesticated rats have been cared for by humans for well over a century. Contrary to what most people think of as a rat (the typical cat sized sewer rat), domesticated rats are smart, cute, friendly, and extremely intelligent. Some people, however, can't get that image of a sewer rat out of their head (which is like saying a domestic house cat is the same thing as a lion in the wilds of Africa) and, for these people, pictures and information of loving and sweet rats is the only thing that will ever make them see that pet rats are wonderful. (Actually, I'd settle for them not flipping out at the sight or mention of a pet rat, if they refuse to gain further knowledge on the subject.)

This may eventually turn into a site that includes basic care and other information about rats, but, as of now, I don't have the time. Cute pictures and a mailing list will have to suffice. A links page will be coming soon.